Is the Covid plandemeic part of a global plot?

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Think Covid was just an accident? Check this out.

The globalist actually planed a pandemic in 2010.

Proof of The Coverup?

So, on January 17, 2022, I did a search on google search console to find the best keywords to build this site around. Guess what – of the 4 keywords I tried to search for, only 1 was allowed...vaccine.

They would NOT let me search for:

  • covid
  • truth about covid
  • new world order

If that don’t get ya wondering, I don’t know what will….


Humans Are Now ‘Hackable Animals’ And Will Be ‘Re-engineered’; Coronavirus Epidemic is the Moment it Was Achieved

Stop The Digital IDs

See how they want to do it and what it will mean to humanity at large.
“Americans have been partially or entirely deprived of fundamental freedoms. Freedom of assembly, speech, religious liberty, making a living, a child’s right to an education, access to early treatment for a potentially deadly virus, and more.”

Front Line Nurses Testify

5 Things You Should Know

  1. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) is warning against covid “booster” shots
  2. More jabs means more infections

  3. Covid jabs are NOT safe

  4. Face masks do not protect against disease (hint: they spread MORE of it)

  5. Young people especially should not be getting “boosted”