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We are not anti-vaccine, just the anti-mRNA vaccines used to treat covid-19.
  1. Why? Because they have induced many times more serious side effects and deaths than any other vaccine in history.
  2. The long term effects are unknown. Historically, vaccines take 10 or more years of clinical trials to find out how effective and/or how dangerous they are. (Most don’t realize, but humans taking the vaccines are actually participating in the long term trials that used to performed on animals – with very deadly results!)

Join The Fight

So PLEASE, help saves lives and help save our democracy. Join the “Stop The Jab” and “Stop Globalism” movements by displaying your thoughts in public.

It's Real Easy

When you where or display these items, just ask someone “What do you think about this?” – and point to your item(s). Then, as you guide the conversation, it will be easy to hand out one of the little handouts and as more and more people are exposed to the truth,  we can, hopefully, stop the progression of these evil fascists/communist dictators.