forces agains us

Forces all over the globe are trying to destroy democracies around the world.

As Americans, we are all responsible for the preservation of OUR country. We elect officials to make and enforce laws, and tho we expect them to put our American values first, it is up to each of us to see to it they understand and represent us in those endeavors.

Sometimes, in fact quite often, we find many of our fellow Americans have been influenced by those outside forces that are working against us.

The purpose of this site and the products listed below, is to stimulate discussion in order to help lead the misinformed  towards a better understanding of what is really going on in the world. To help them understand the consequences of making the wrong decisions in regard to our health, freedom and prosperity.

As you think about using these products to display your thoughts and feelings, PLEASE BE AWARE of the helpful little business card size hand-out I created to help you, when needed, in getting your message across. You can find thse cards HERE, so make good use of them.