Found 533 US Deaths Within First 5 Days of Taking a Covid-19 Vaccine

Do Your Own Search For Covid Vaccine Deaths

I did a search today (12/20/21) Using the US Government’s Reporting system and found 533 REPORTED deaths within the 1st 5 days of receiving a covid19 vaccine during the last year!

A 2nd search found 20,244 total REPORTED DEATHS for the whole year after receiving a covid19 vaccine .

A 3rd search found 106,129 cases being reported hospitalized during the year after receiving some form of the covid “vaccine”.

One last search Found 29,472 cases where Patient Died from any/all vaccines.

Now, divide 20,244 by 29,472 and you get 68.68% of all deaths were related to the covid-19 vaccine.

Do Your Own Search For Covid Vaccine Deaths

You can do your own search HERE.