I suppose most of us were brought up to trust those who are in leadership

 In America, we also believe in individual freedom, so much so that there is an entire industry devoted to “Civil Rights”.

Things have been going on behind the scenes around the world that apparently not too many people know about. Information use to travel slow, but with the advent of the internet, people can be informed a lot more quickly now. In case you haven’t heard, there are those who want you to believe they have all the answers to the worlds problems. Can you imagine any group being brash enough to think they have ALL the answers?

Look at EVERY country throughout the world and you can see there are problems that exist, so how in the world could any one group of leaders think they are going to be able to all of a sudden come up with the answers to all those problems.

Their Real Plan

Can anyone really know their entire plan? But, do you really believe they have EVERYBODY’S best interest at heart? Many contend, the ultimate goal of those “In Charge” isn’t for the betterment of mankind, but rather to gain all the money and power they can so they can do what ever they want. Two of the most obvious ways they are doing this are, GLOBAL WARMING and COVID-19.

Need Proof?

Climate Change,  – AKA Global Warming – is also designed to help with” The Great Reset”.

Think Covid was just an accident? Check this out.

The globalist actually planed this pandemic in 2010.

Lockstep 2010 Plan